Who She is:

-A child of the King

-A single mom to a prince 

-Occupational Therapist 

-Certified Life Coach and Consultant

-Mental Health and Wellness Advocate 


-Single Mom Strategist

-Founder of Faith Four The Fatherless, nonprofit organization

-College graduate with a Master's Degree in Occupational Therapy from Governor's State University and a Bachelor's Degree in Psychology from Chicago State University 


Sheena found her purpose in her pain after several years of running from her truth and her hurt. Her parents divorced when she was 16 years old, which changed her mind, heart, and ultimately, her life. As a means to escape the hurt and sense of abandonment she felt deep inside, she began to look for herself and for love in all the wrong people, places and things. As the years passed, she excelled in academia, however, her relationships grew more unsuccessful and more toxic. Hurt turned into anger, anger turned into fear and fear turned into numbness. She hit a very low point in her life (mentally and emotionally) shortly after the passing of her mother in 2012, and succumbed to a very dark place after the birth of her son in 2013 (when she was diagnosed with post partum depression). It was then when she realized that she could no longer operate in her own strength because everything she tried and did on her own, failed! It wasn't until she asked God "to help her and take control," that she realized serious inner work and healing was needed. She then decided to gather and pick up all of her broken pieces, put them back together and truly love herself so that she could walk boldly into her destiny and dreams, in order to be the best mother and woman that He designed and called her to be. With this in mind, she decided to no longer run from the hurt and pain, but to face it head on. She traded in her ashes for a crown of beauty, turning her brokenness into something brand new!

What She Does:

Sheena is currently an Occupational Therapist near Dallas, Texas, a life coach/consultant and a mental health advocate, dedicated to helping individuals deal with and heal from life's challenges, traumas and disappointments.  In 2014, during a challenging and emotional life changing event of her own, she had an epiphany that further confirmed her life purpose: To encourage and empower individuals to heal from soul wounds so that they can be FREE and become who they are called to be. Intrigued by the curriculum in her undergraduate and graduate studies, Sheena began to study and research the dynamics of inner healing and deliverance, and the affects that it has on the mind, body, soul and spirit. Additionally, she continues to focus on inner health and wellness with an emphasis on a holisitic approach.

What She Believes

Inner health/wellness and healing is part of Christs' redemptive work, for YOU and for ME. God has a plan for your life but the enemy will use soul wounds to torment you, which can lead to bondage or strong holds in the mind and cause feelings of hopelessness, despair, irrational emotionality, depression, anxiety, rejection, abandonment, and anger, which in turn can lead to physical pain or illness or other medical conditions that affect your day to day functionality, performance and purpose. When you decide to reveal trauma, hurts, pains, and disappointments, inner healing can take place and it is then, when you will experience a new dimension of breakthrough. Sheena is a firm believer that you reap what you sow, so when you begin to heal from the inside-out, you produce a harvest that will set you free, mentally, emotionally, physically and spiritually.  


"You have made such a positive impact on my life in such a short time and helped me find a deeper faith again!" -J.Herbert

"I love the woman you have become!!!! You are a wonderful, strong, loving mother and woman of God! A true living role model for young ladies! -K. Haynie

"God really uses you! Without me telling you what's going on, you manage to know exactly what is going on." -M. Dorham

"I thank God for all0wing you to go through what you went through to be able to be a vessel. God has used everything that you've been through to MOLD you into the person HE needs you to be. God has truly repaired you for what HE wants you to do. Thank you for allowing Him to mold you. Thank you for accepting the call!" -L. Bennett

"Thank you for the love you showed me at my most darkest days of my life. I thank God for your life." -C.Britton

"I just want to thank you for your encouraging messages. You are really doing God's work. You've helped me gain my strength. Every day isn't easy but I'm so forever grateful God blessed me with you as a guardian angel on earth. Keep being you." -C.Turner 

"It brings tears to my eyes as I recall your life and the WOMAN you are this day!!! You have shown in deed that life can throw rocks but that doesn't mean they have to leave a mark!" -A. Johnson