Faith Four The Fatherless 

Our services

FFTF is a non-profit organization that provides services to encourage and inspire individuals who are affected from the absence of their father. FFTF utilizes four premises/principles:






The ulitmate mission is to educate and promote healthy ways to cope with the absence of a father/father figure and still live a successful life.

Why faith four the fatherless?

FFTF was founded on the premise and understanding of the emotional and psychological affects of fatherless homes/bonds. It is a program designed to walk individuals through their emotions in a healthy way while promoting acceptance and responsibility for healing and becoming the best versions of themselves. Biblically speaking, "four” is  a creation number and it is symbolic of earthly completeness. FFTF is designed to offer the tools needed for inner “earthly” and kingdom completion derived from the biblical fundamentals that include, grace, favor and mercy.