The Cohesiveness Challenge/Team Building Project: If you want to get something different, you have to do something different!!



 As an Occupational Therapist (for 8 years and counting) I couldn’t be more proud to introduce the next level of team building and cohesion, for all population settings, and business organizations. 






What is the Cohesiveness Challenge? 


•A program created by Sheena McLaurin, OTR/L,  American Health Council’s top 100 Occupational Therapists “Best in Patient Care” awardee for 2018 (Geriatric population)


•It is designed to facilitate team work and the importance of working together as one.


•It emphasizes the importance of team building and unity toward a common goal. 


•It provides opportunities for supporting one another and emerging victorious in every department.


***Bridging the Gap:Cohesiveness + Team Building 







School Aged Children And The Dynamics of High Sensitivity: a Professional Development Solution for Teachers and Educators

What is high sensitivity? 

Sometimes referred to as Sensory Processing Sensitivity, IS NOT a diagnosis or a disorder and should not be treated as such. Highly sensitive children are born with highly aware nervous systems as they are incredibly responsive to their environments, whether it is sounds, smells, the lighting or the overall mood of the people in the environment...highly sensitive children are responsive too and pickup on these circumstances quickly. They have a very sharp and keen sense of awareness, are very compassionate at an early age, are often gifted intellectually and are creative and emotionally aware, of others feelings.

However, these intensely perceptive children often get overwhelmed easily by noise, crowds, new situations, sudden changes and the emotional distress of other individuals. Criticism, defeat, distress and misunderstanding this gift in them, is something sensitive children feel deeply and depending on their level of emotionality, often take personally.  

High sensitivity is a gift and should be treated as such. It is imperative that teachers, educators and parents, of high sensitivity children, understand that these children need extra care and the impartation of empowering these children with tools to tap into their sensitivity and to see it is a strength, is a necessity, in order to thrive in school, home, church, social settings and life. We must begin to uplift and let these children know that there is power in their gift, including: increased insight, creativity, and empathy, to name a few.

This professional developmental course, will offer a teacher/educator/parent observation checklist, emotional health tips, tools and strategies, along with intervention recommendations, including classroom and home modifications and adpatations, so that the child can thrive and flourish, at an early age.  

Let's begin to build up our children by educating ourselves with the information that we need to impart tools and words that elicit healthy emotionality in children that are highly sensitive!!

For more information please contact Sheena via email: or go to the contact page and fill out the form. Best regards. Thank you!